A return to blogging.

It’s been awhile. Not having had either a working computer or internet access for over a year, I am now returning to the world of the internet to write, shoot film and seek expression for the story of my life.
Much has changed for me since I last was blogging. I have a new baby girl, Julia Grand Wilkey-Gilman, and we have moved out of town and now live next to the cobalt blue waters of the mighty North Umpqua river. I have also returned to school, seeking my degree in journalism.
I feel I have arrived at the base of operations we have been seeking. It is so beautiful here where we live, and even though it is far from town, it is worth the extra driving simply to be here, amidst the trees and beside the river. By next spring and summer, I anticipate a full slate of outdoor recreation. Even this fall and winter I expect to do alot of hiking. We are within half an hour of a huge amount of hikes, and within an hour of exponentially more.
Already this summer I swam more than I had in the previous two decades combined (although I climbed only once – once! – this whole summmer). The river has gotten under all our skins, we are truly river people now.
I have so much to say, and right now very little coherent order to any of it, so I will just make this a general post, and devote future blogs to more specific subjects.


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