Day 2

It is getting dark out here by the river. I can see out my kitchen window to where the opposite bank of the river rises in brown folds towards the sky. A small pool of light from behind my right shoulder illuminates the keyboard and my tiny desk (It is actually a folding tv tray). I just got Spotify today, and I am listening to my first album, The Movie by Bettie Wright. Really deeply deliscious soul food.
Today has been a day of fairly intense pain, I walked with a limp for most of the day, but I still went to school – my first class anyway. Isaac, the editor at the Mainstream, the school paper, asked if he could pray for me today and I said sure. It actually touched me deeply, even brought tears to my eyes.
My lady and our chillins are all asleep, so I type here alone, enjoying a pain free moment.
Life has been leading me towards some pretty amazing places. Actually, we have all been led to this amazing place on the river, we have fallen in love with this place and life has been giving us these signs that we are on the right path. We have been receiving wonderful gifts from people, primarily my brother Dave, and his wife Melanie, like a big-screen tv that fits perfect in our living room, a nice dresser (badly needed), an awesome pinewood kitchen table with super nice chairs. We are so fortunate.
I feel like this is a healing place for me. Somehow, the energy of this place, the river running so close by, will contribute to a healing frame of mind, which is where it all begins and ends.
Spent a little time down by the river with my brother and my sister-in-law. He is an avid fisherman and he spent a good hour fishing up and down the river by my house. He caught a couple of good ones which for him is true to form.
I hope that if anyone out there is in pain, suffering from anything, anything at all, I hope you find relief and grace, and a warm place by the fire. I know I could use some relief these days.


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