Day 6

Went for another walk this morning. Again, it was painful, really painful. At first when I set out I felt really hobbled for the first quarter mile or so, but then my body began to ease up and I felt great for about the next quarter mile and I thought – yeah, great, maybe waking will reduce my pain levels – but it was not meant to be. After I crested the tallest hill on our road, nothing too bad, my pain started flaring up again, and by the time I reached the end of the road I was feeling pretty bad. So it was a tough struggle back, but I was glad I did it. The weather had started out bitterly cold but by the time I got back it was warming up significantly.

Took my dog Caesar with me. He is the coolest. Part pug, part pit-bull (we think), he has so much personality and distinctiveness. He enjoyed walking down the road with me, it is actually the first time he has gone with me to the end.

People are very friendly – for the most part – on our road. Almost everyone waves when they pass you. I love that about living around here. Like I told my daughter Zoe the other day, once you leave Roseburg, and certainly Oregon, the friendliness factor drops dramatically. People around here are the best, really, and now here in our new cozy home on the river, it seems to be more of the same friendly, relaxed manner.

I know I am kind of going all over the place today, probably a combination of pain, pain medication, my having Asperger’s, etc. I just go from tangent to tangent a lot, but on other days I will have more of a focus. Just not now.Image



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