Pompey Wagnus

I just wanted to expound a little on the passing of my little friend Pompey, who died during the night. He was about three years old. I am having a lot of guilt about his death. He was a really frustrating dog, probably THE most frustrating dog I have ever had. He crapped in the house with great regularity, he took off after deer and turkeys, he got into the garbage (which is what ultimately killed him). But despite all that, I loved this dog, and in the last few days of his life I had made sure to give him extra attention and love, which does ease my guilt considerably, now that I think of it. I’m glad I was able to do that.

We got Pompey a couple of years ago when a co-worker of Brook’s asked us to take him. We did, even though we already had two dogs and really didn’t want another. We actually found him another home with Brook’s sister, but he was a little too nippy, so he came back to us. He was a pain in the ass from the get-go. He ran away for several days shortly after we got him, and since we have moved out to the river, he twice ran away chasing deer downstream. I would often joke with people who came over that they could take him home with them if they wanted.

He was a really loving dog, despite his obnoxious qualities, he loved all and sundry who he encountered, a very unusual trait in a Dachshund. He also liked to chew the bottoms of peoples jeans, usually people who were visiting. He was such a typical hound dog. He would catch a scent, or see some animal running (even one that was ten times his size), and he would be off, running like mad, ignoring me running behind him, cursing him. I was certain that he would end up being killed by some deer who decided to put him in his place.

It’s kind of weird that he got into the garbage last night. His food dish was full of food, and usually he would try to get into the garbage when it was close to dinnertime.

I will bury him a little later today. I have him underneath the oak trees, overlooking the Umpqua. It seemed like a nice spot. There is actually another dog buried nearby, so he wont be alone. Not that I think his spirit will linger. Right now, I keep getting images of him running around, frolicking, his tongue hanging out, and I think that is what his spirit is doing right now. But soon he will dissolve into the great flow of energy, and he will be gone for good. But its not a bad thing. Just life. I mourn for my little friend, I will miss him terribly, but I will never, ever forget him.



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