The River

It is a cold, gray-slate day on the river today. A low ceiling of clouds hems us in from above, the water of the Umpqua is a very chilly looking shade of blue. All the oaks and our maple tree have lost their leaves, it feels like winter now, even though we have about a month of fall left.

I am up earlier than my family, today is a day to sleep in, which for me generally is no later than eight, but today I woke up at seven. Drinking coffee, surfing the web, and now writing, that has been my morning so far.

I am still struggling with the death of our dog. I expect to see him everywhere, bounding around and chasing everything that moved. It is amazing how much quieter and flatter our household seems without him. I really miss him. I keep looking out at his grave and feeling so sad. I know things will return to a more joyous state eventually, but right now it is all grayness and sadness.



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