Well, it is a foggy, bitterly cold day on the river today. I am at home with the kids, got JuJu in my lap, Ryan is/was eating breakfast, I am drinking some Turkish roast coffee. Later today I will drive to Eugene to get my oldest daughter, Zoe. I always love the days when our family is complete, when all of us are here together

I really don’t care for the drive up there though. After doing it twice a week for over four years, I am sick of that particular drive. Luckily I have my Ipod though, and I usually listen to some lectures or an audio book – right now I am listening to Game of Thrones by George RR Martin, at least, when I am alone, when Zoe is with me we have been listening to the Artemis Fowl series. So that keeps me a little entertained.

I confessed to Brook last night that I am really getting worried about the downward progression my body seems to be making. If I don’t find a way to reverse course soon, then I will end up being on disability. I have really been struggling to function normally. I have walked our road three times in the last couple of weeks, and each time it has been a very painful excursion.

We have been discussing future plans, and have pretty much decided that within the next ten years, we will move somewhere to the Southwest, probably New Mexico. I need a warmer climate for my poor, messed up body. Plus, land is dirt cheap there! Couldn’t believe it.

It sounds nice, not having to deal with this Northwestern weather, I mean I love it here in Spring and Summer and early  Fall, but I spend nine months out of the year being in pain, and that is just too much. I would move sooner too, but I couldn’t be that far from Zoe, at least, not now. Maybe when she is older.

Well, JuJu is fussing, which means it is time to go and feed her, so until next time…


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