A ray of hope

We finally got Zeus into the vet. We would have done it sooner but no one would take us without money, and we don’t have any. After finally getting a hold of our friend who has a mobile vet service, she steered us in the direction of Douglas County Low Cost Veterinary Services, a low cost animal clinic in Roseburg, and after just a few phone calls we had everything arranged and got our ailing old guy in the back of the Subaru. The people at the clinic are really awesome and we very quickly got a positive stool sample for salmon poisoning, in fact, he was full of ‘flukes’ as they call them. So he is going to have at least a two night hospital stay, get pumped full of antibiotics and IV fluids, but it looks much better now, so we are all feeling much more optimistic. We will keep praying, but hopefully, hopefully, we will have our beloved doggie back in a few days. Keep your fingers crossed.


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