Morning light in the Grand Canyon

Some raw data from our trip:

Miles driven, roundtrip: approximately 2300

Miles Hiked, RT: approx. 60

Elevation gains & losses: approx. 13,000′

National Parks Visited: 3 (Grand Canyon, Zion, Great Basin)

Mountains/Crags climbed: 3

Slot Canyons hiked/waded: 3

Animals: 3 suicidal jackrabbits, 1 herd of Buffalo, 4 Pronghorn, 2 owls, plus lizards, hummingbirds, ravens, squirrels, mule deer, wild turkey, Canyon Wrens, etc.

Highest temperature: 120 degrees in the bottom of the Grand Canyon

Highest estimated windspeed: 80-90 mph on Wheeler Peak

Highest/lowest elevations: 13,053 feet on Wheeler Peak, 2400 feet at the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

Wheeler Peak in Nevada. Photo courtesy Charles Young 2012.



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