Long Time, No Write.

Okay, it has been a very long time indeed. Half a year long. I am not sure what started this huge gap in my writing, but for the last several months it has been because of school. I had missed the Winter term due to some health issues, but resumed studies in April. This Spring term, I really realized I needed to buckle down a lot more in school, so I dedicated myself this term to it. Which means I basically didn’t climb at all, didn’t write anything beyond schoolwork and ignored the world (besides my family, although they might disagree) and focused on getting good grades. It paid off too.

So this is just me saying hello and letting people know that I do still exist, this blog still exists and at some point it will be remade into something much more remarkable.

Also: I have now upgraded my camera equipment. Instead of using a GoPro Hero2 and a Sony 480p video camera, I am now using a Canon T3I with beautiful High-Def and equipped with a Rode VideoMicPro for amazing sound. So when I do get to the mountains and rivers, I will be getting some truly incredible footage. But, it will probably have to wait for later summer, since I will be taking  classes at the college during June and July.

I am changing. This is the first time in my life that I have willingly allowed myself to forgo outdoor adventures in order to focus on something else. I believe this will be worth it. I have one more year at Umpqua Community College and then I will be transferring to Dixie State University in St. George, Utah. There I hope to enroll in the Digital Motion Picture emphasis of the Mass Communications Degree. Just think how this blog will look when I get my bachelors!

Hope to be back here sooner next time!


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