A happy ending

(sorry – meant to publish this days ago, but I kept procrastinating uploading the video I made, so I didn’t publish this. So here is the end (hopefully) of Zeus’ salmon odyssey, sans video, which I will upload and add later.)

Zeus has come home. What a pleasure it is to write those words, and indeed, my entire day has been a happy one since our Zeus came home. Still little more than a walking sack of bones, he surprised us by stealing a dog treat out of Ryan’s hand when he was offering it to Caesar, our pug. We didn’t think he would even want it, which is why we didn’t offer it to Zeus initially. Plus we wanted to make him something bland to start, as the Vet had advised us. Well, we certainly got the rice on the burner immediately after he stole the treat, and when I offered him the bowl of rice, chicken broth, a sprinkling of olive oil and a dusting of nutritional yeast, he was hesitant, but he didn’t walk away from it, either. Then, to my elation, he ate about a cup of it, but I think even that little bit of food overwhelmed his system. He has been crashed out ever since.

I want to say a little bit more about Douglas County Low Cost Veterinary Clinic. They saved my dog’s life. Flat-out, they took great care of us and him and I feel so much gratitude towards them. I will actually be writing a blog, and then an article about them. Great folks, they so obviously and plainly love animals. Thank you, thank you, thank you Julia and staff.


Zeus update

I talked to the vet today and it sounds like Zeus is going to make it! He still isn’t wanting to eat but he is vomiting less and having less diarrhea as well and if he can keep his meds down tonight without barfing them back up then we should be able to bring him home tomorrow. So I am still keeping my fingers crossed but it sounds great.

Zeus in happier times

Losing a friend

Our ‘old’ dog Zeus, who is maybe 9 years old, has stopped eating and is showing signs that death is fast approaching. He vomits up everything we give him, he is just a bag of bones now. It would seem that he wants to die at this point. A few days ago he was happy, going on walks, catching Frisbees, eating voraciously, being obnoxious towards every neighbor dog or squirrel. He is a Plot Hound which means that he has a loud, braying bark and rambunctious personality. When we moved out here to the river in August, he and I started swimming together for the first time (he is my Fiancee’s dog but he and I quickly established our own bond after a while) and I was really looking forward to doing that with him this summer. Doesn’t look too hopeful that I will get that chance.

It is so strange, since we moved here all of our dogs have had at least a brush with death. Caesar managed to survive blue-green algae poisoning our very first day on the river, then dear Pompey died a few months ago when he asphyxiated on garbage he had gotten into. Now Zeus seemingly has stomach cancer or something equally horrible. We haven’t been able to take him to the vet since we have no money and they won’t accept payments. However, Brook’s friend is one of the main vets there and has her own mobile veterinary clinic so we are hoping she will come out and see him tonight. Our guess is that he will need to be put down. I keep hoping (as we all do, I’m sure) that she will get him on some antibiotics and he will make a full recovery, but it just seems unlikely.

So we are all giving Zeus our attention in shifts, he has someone loving him at every moment now. He groans a lot. Poor soul. I just wish I could give him some peace. It will come soon, no doubt, but for now we are going to make him comfortable and give him our undivided attention.

Zeus enjoying some sunshine